Varada Fertility

Intended Parents+Varada Fertility = Beautiful Baby

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Assistance:

We can assist Intended Parents to find out best IVF Dr. / Clinic in the city.In Vitro Fertilization is probably the best known and most widely used ART procedure. For well over a decade, IVF has allowed infertile couples the chance to conceive and bear children. The best candidates for IVF are women with damaged fallopian tubes.

Oocyte/ Egg Donors:

 Apart from standard Egg Donors, We do have Elite class and Caucasian Oocyte Donors. (As per the requirements- Fair, educated, good height, sharp features. For potential donors, the basic egg donation requirements are: 

• Have regular monthly periods

• No reproductive disorders or abnormalities

• Physically and emotionally healthy

• Non-nicotine user, non-smoker, Non-drug user

• Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation

• Excited about the process of helping to build a family

Surrogate Mothers:
We select recruit surrogate mothers as per the ICMR guidelines. Legal documentation is done as soon as we receive advance from the IP/Clinic.Surrogate mother applications are accepted based on the following criteria:
• No history of clinical mental illness
• Non-smoker living in a no-smoking home
• Stable, responsible lifestyle
• Must have given birth and raising at least one child
• Surrogate and partner must agree to psychological testing
Surrogate House:
Full-fledged Surrogate House in Bangalore city, Where in we take care of our surrogates for entire 9 months, where they usually been examined through the period of staying to avoid bad occurrences.