Varada Fertility

Intended Parents+Varada Fertility = Beautiful Baby

The goal of our administration team is to support the doctors, in providing you with the best possible care and guiding you through the process of completing your investigative procedures.
You will meet our receptionists at each visit and they will provide you with a friendly familiar smile and answers to many of your queries. Our secretaries and administrators are another support resource for you throughout your treatment and are always on the end of the phone to assist and support.

The desire to have a child is natural and, when month after month conception does not occur, feelings of anger, shame, guilt, powerlessness and despair may develop.
Relationships with the partner, family members and friends may become strained leading to a breakdown in communication and feelings of isolation. There are many difficult decisions that must be made and the success rates of treatment may be disappointing.
For these and other reasons we strongly recommend that all couples consider at least one visit to our counselor. Many couples feel that they do not require counseling before they commence their first cycle of IVF.
However, quite often couples are not prepared for the intensity of the whole process and many request counseling before starting a second cycle. Often, being able to talk to someone, such as a counsellor, makes the process easier.

Our administration team brings extensive customer service, accounting, and office management experience to the Varada Fertility team. They are passionate about keeping our clients happy, and it shows in their attention to detail as they manage the company their financial accounts. We have a group of qualified admin officer with a Bachelor in Economics degree from the University. 

Our communicating department with their experience in the court system cemented with commitment to ethics and professionalism, and background in mediation and advocacy, along with analytical and creative thinking, are useful in fostering understanding and building relationships between parties. Inspired by the altruism of the surrogate community, their innovative ideas, passion for learning and overt enthusiasm make a spark that lights our company culture.